Mint Farm Electricity Cogeneration Facility

We regulate water and hazardous waste for Puget Sound Energy's Mint Farm Electricity Cogeneration Facility.

Facility information

The Mint Farm began operating in 2007. Owned by Puget Sound Energy, it uses natural gas to produce up to 311 megawatts of electricity. Exhaust from turbines at the plant produces steam.

  • This facility sends its wastewater either to the Columbia River or to the Nippon Dynawave pulp and paper mill for treatment. The mill then sends the treated wastewater to the Columbia River.
  • Mint Farm treats stormwater and sends it to a private ditch. This ditch connects with Longview's Consolidated Diking District Ditch No. 5.

Permit information

The Southwest Clean Air Agency regulates the plant's air quality activities. Visit the Southwest Clean Air Agency website or call 360-574-3058 for more information.

Mint Farm location

1200 Prudential Blvd, Longview, Wash.