Lanxess Corporation (Formerly Emerald Kalama Chemical)

We regulate water, hazardous waste, and cleanup activities at the Lanxess Corporation (formerly Emerald Kalama Chemical) plant.

Facility information

Lanxess Corporation began operating an organic chemical plant in 1962 and currently has about 215 employees at its Kalama plant. It processes toluene into chemicals for food, flavor, fragrance, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • It produces about 194,000 tons of chemicals each year.
  • Wastewater from the chemical-making process is treated and sent to the Columbia River. This makes up approximately 2 percent of all the wastewater from this facility.
  • About 98 percent of what is sent to the Columbia River is non-contact cooling water.

Permit information

The Southwest Clean Air Agency regulates the plant's air quality activities. Visit the Southwest Clean Air Agency website, or call 360-574-3058 for more information.

Lanxess contacts

Lanxess Corporation website
Facility phone: 360-673-2550
Location: 1296 Third St. NW, Kalama