Northwest Alloys, Longview

We regulate water and hazardous waste at Northwest Alloys, Longview, along with overseeing cleanup work for contamination from the former Reynolds Metals aluminum smelter on the site.

Facility information

In Jan. 2021, the parent company of Millennium Bulk Terminals, Longview filed for bankruptcy and withdrew from the lease with Alcoa. Alcoa's Northwest Alloys, who owns the property, now operates the facility.

The facility:

  • Stores and transports bulk materials.
  • Sends treated stormwater and wastewater to the Columbia River.

Permit information

The Southwest Clean Air Agency regulates the plant's air quality activities. Visit the Southwest Clean Air Agency website or call 360-574-3058 for more information.

Northwest Alloys, Longview contacts

Facility phone: 360-425-2800
Location: 4029 Industrial Way, Longview, Wash.