WestRock, Tacoma

We regulate the air, water, and hazardous waste activities at the WestRock pulp and paper mill in Tacoma.

Air quality permits

The comment period on several draft air permits and associated support documents for the WestRock pulp and paper mill in Tacoma ended Jan. 12, 2022

None of the proposed changes allow expansion of the mill’s operations, the construction of new equipment, or modification of existing equipment. They do not approve any increase in air pollution from the mill.

Air Operating Permit (AOP) renewal

This permit consolidates all of the state and federal air pollution control requirements that apply to a facility and are renewed on a regular basis. It includes conditions from existing permits that allowed construction or expanding operations that increased air pollution (Notice of Construction (NOC) Orders and Prevention of Significant Determination (PSD) permits) and all other relevant state and federal air regulations.

Three Notice of Construction (NOC) Orders, a Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permit, and the associated State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determinations

These permits limit the amount of air pollutants a business can emit. They are required before installing a new source of air pollution or modifying an existing source, and revised (modified) when there’s a change to any of the conditions. We are modifying existing permits.

Due to COVID-19, documents are available online. If you need a hard copy document sent to you, or want to make an appointment to review files in person at Ecology's offices, please contact Angelina Ward at 360-407-6916 or angelina.ward@ecy.wa.gov.

Updated Jan. 12, 2022

Facility information

This is a kraft pulp and paper mill.

  • With around 400 employees, the mill makes about 1,400 tons of bleached and unbleached packaging-grade paper, linerboard, and saturating board each day.
  • It treats its wastewater and sends it to Commencement Bay.

Permit information

WestRock contacts

Company website
Facility phone: 253-596-3232
Location: 801 Portland Ave., Tacoma