WestRock, Tacoma

We regulate the air, water, and hazardous waste activities at the WestRock pulp and paper mill in Tacoma.

Steam limit project

The comment period ended Dec. 28, 2018 for the Tacoma WestRock pulp and paper mill's proposed Power Boiler #6 steam limit project notice of construction (NOC) air quality order and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) mitigated determination of nonsignificance (MDNS).

Read the comment period notice for more on the comment period and when public events will took place.

Project description
The mill proposes to increase the use of its natural gas boiler, including the use of natural gas as fuel. The goal of the project is to give the mill the ability to use additional steam to generate electricity for sale. 

This project would increase greenhouse gases (GHGs) by about 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per year. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2e released by approximately 12,000 passenger vehicles.

  • Due to potential GHG impacts, we issued a mitigated determination of nonsignificance (MDNS). This requires the mill to offset GHGs produced (emitted) by the proposed project above 30,000 tons per year using purchased certified GHG offsets or an alternative approved by us.
  • Additionally, the mill must install low nitrogen oxide (NOx) burners to reduce NOx emissions before the project can take place.

Other air pollutants that do not exceed air quality standards, but are expected to increase due to this project include:

  • Particulate matter above 2.5 microns in size by 3.78 tons/year (TPY)
  • Sulfur dioxide by 0.28 TPY
  • Nitrogen oxides by 2.99 TPY
  • Lead by 0.125 pounds/year (lbs/yr)
  • Formaldehyde by 76.2 lbs/yr
  • Benzene by 2.1 lbs/yr
  • Toluene by 3.5 lbs/yr

Because this action allows air pollution, we must issue a notice of construction (NOC) order before construction can take place.

Facility information

This is a kraft pulp and paper mill.

  • With around 400 employees, the mill makes about 1,400 tons of bleached and unbleached packaging-grade paper, linerboard, and unbleached pulp each day.
  • It treats its wastewater and sends it to Commencement Bay.

Permit information

WestRock contacts

Company website
Facility phone: 253-596-3232
Location: 801 Portland Ave., Tacoma