Spill incidents

Oil sheen on rocky shore.
We receive more than 4,000 spill reports each year. With a wide variety of oil spill and hazardous material incident reports, no two emergency responses are alike. We provide information on many of our coordinated response efforts for active and past oil spills, toxic and hazardous materials incidents, and related cleanup efforts. Each incident page includes maps, pictures, response details, and cleanup information, when available.

Each incident name links to information about response and cleanup. This table can be sorted by date, name of the incident, and county. Can’t find a specific incident? We respond to thousands of incidents each year, and not all of them are listed here. If you are looking for information about a spill that’s not in the table below, please contact the Spills Program Communication Manager.

Incident date Incident name County
1/2/2024 Spokane River sheen Spokane
12/10/2023 Olympic Pipeline gasoline spill near Conway Skagit
7/19/2023 Minnie Creek diesel spill Spokane
4/8/2023 Kodiak Enterprise fire Pierce
8/14/2022 Aleutian Isle sinking San Juan
11/5/2009 Abraham Lincoln JP 5 Spill Kitsap
3/15/2014 Anacortes Shell Refinery Spill Skagit
1/26/2012 Anacortes Sunken Vessel at Shannon Point Skagit
11/10/2009 Angel Rae Sinking King
5/20/2013 Arctic Storm Fire Grays Harbor
5/6/2009 Asiana Jet Fuel Incident Kitsap and King
11/19/2001 Antigun Pass Lincoln
2/7/2012 Auburn Pond Oil Spill King
6/10/1999 Bellingham Olympic Pipe Line Explosion Whatcom
3/30/2012 Bellingham Squalicum Harbor G East Dock Fire Whatcom
10/11/2007 Bellingham Sunset Drive Sewer Gasoline Spill Whatcom
12/6/2010 Blewett Pass Gasoline Spill Chelan‎ and Kittitas
7/24/2014 BNSF Bakken Crude Derailment King
2/23/2012 BNSF Emerson Street Derailment King
9/19/2014 BNSF Pasco Fuel Leak Franklin
5/27/2009 Cascade Structural Laminators Fire Lewis
1/28/2021 Casey Pond dredge sinking Walla Walla
4/13/2006 Catala Shipwreck Grays Harbor
2/26/2011 Chambers Bay BNSF Train Derailment Pierce
2/17/2012 Cherry Point Refinery Fire Whatcom
10/2/2013 Chickamauga Sinking Kitsap
7/10/2013 Clam Digger Sinking Skagit
7/28/2010 ATB Commitment – Loss of Propulsion Incident Clallam
10/27/2010 ConocoPhillips Spill at Ferndale Whatcom
4/2/2010 ATB Corpus Christi/Petrochem Supplier Heavy Weather Incident Water body
3/26/2010 Crystal Ocean Propulsion Failure Grays Harbor
7/13/2011 Curtain Creek Railroad Trestle Fire Clark
12/22/2020 Custer Crude Oil Derailment 2020 Whatcom
10/13/2004 Dalco Passage Polor Texas-Conoco Phillips Spill Water body
5/15/2009 Dalles Dam Barge Incident Wasco
12/23/2009 Dalles Dam Transformer Leak Wasco
1/27/2011 Davy Crocket Barge Clark
6/24/2011 D’Boat Grounding San Juan
11/4/2021 Deep River derelict barge spill Wahkiakum
5/28/2010 Duwamish Waterway Jet Fuel Spill King
2/3/2009 Eagle Harbor Incident Kitsap
8/30/2006 Edmonds Oil Spill Snohomish
9/22/2010 Fishing Vessel Dare II Grounding Grays Harbor
5/12/2012 Fishing Vessel Deep Sea Fire Island
6/6/2011 Fishing Vessel JB Runs Aground Grays Harbor
2/18/2021 FV Aleutian Falcon fire Pierce
3/10/2016 FV Bergen Run Aground Whatcom
1/25/2013 FV Helena Star Sinking Pierce
8/11/2011 FV Norman B Sinking Whatcom
12/5/2014 FV Titan Grounding Pacific
2/10/2015 Gardner-Fields Asphalt Spill Pierce
4/7/2017 Golden Gardens Tugboat Grounding King
3/6/2013 Grease Balls on Vashon Island King
12/24/2011 Gypsy Queen Vessel Sinking Snohomish
2/14/2015 Harbor Paper Spill Grays Harbor
8/31/2005 Harborview Marina Fire at Gig Harbor Pierce
11/7/2012 Harley Marine Services-Olympic Tug Clallam
3/4/2017 Hero Sinking – Bay Center Oil Spill Pacific
2/24/2011 Highway 730 Diesel Spill Walla Walla
12/25/2018 Hoquiam River vessel sinkings and spills Grays Harbor
2/28/2017 Island Tug and Barge Diesel Spill King
12/27/2015 Kent Wetland Waste Oil Spill King
8/5/2009 Kettle Falls Engine Derailment Stevens
5/19/2009 Lady Phyl Derelict Vessel Clallam
7/19/2016 Lake Union Diesel Spill King
9/15/2006 Lake Union Oil Spill King
4/25/2000 Lincoln Creek Oil Spill Lewis
9/13/2011 Long Island II Grounding Whatcom
3/2/2011 Lopez Vessel Grounding San Juan
3/15/2012 Lummi Quarry Spill Whatcom
5/27/2010 Luzon Strait Loss of Propulsion Incident Pacific
9/15/2008 Miss Michelle Vessel Sinking Grays Harbor
3/8/2010 Mist Cove Diesel Fuel Spill Kitsap
10/11/2011 MV Edfu Vessel Emergency Pacific
10/27/2011 MV Horizon Tacoma Water body
6/4/2014 Neahkahnie Grounding Island
5/19/2010 Nestucca Water body
7/9/2009 New Dawn Grounding Water body
1/3/2012 New Legend Klickitat
8/1/2011 Newport Shores Marina Fire King
2/18/2016 Nord Auckland Oil Spill Cowlitz
3/3/2008 Ocean Shores Canisters Grays Harbor
2/25/2019 Olympia Brewery Transformer Spill Thurston
2/23/2020 Olympic Pipeline Leak King
4/10/2015 Orcas Island Spill San Juan
6/3/2016 Oregon Train Derailment Wasco
8/18/2008 Overbudget Spill in Thea Foss Waterway Pierce
10/5/2007 P.A. Landfill Mystery Oil Release Clallam
11/7/2011 Pasco BNSF Derailment Franklin
8/27/2013 PC Granby Sinking Cowlitz
9/30/2013 PC Iver Sinking King
2/23/2011 Pettit Oil Truck Spill Clallam
9/14/2014 Pleasant Harbor Vessel Spill Jefferson
3/20/2016 Port Orchard Yacht Club Fire Kitsap
6/3/2011 Poulsbo Fishing Vessel Spill Kitsap
11/3/2006 PSE Crystal Mountain Spill Pierce
11/7/2010 Quarter Master Harbor Oil Sheet King
1/25/2011 Ranunculus Incident at Hylebos West Pierce
7/10/2013 Roche Harbor Boat Fire San Juan
10/21/2013 Ruth Louise sinking Thurston
5/26/2009 Sailboat Cristobal Diesel Spill Grays Harbor
11/21/2009 Sea Boar Tug Sinking King
9/5/2013 Sea Breaker Sinking Whatcom
3/18/2014 Seattle Helicopter Collision King
12/27/2011 Shaw Island – St. Mary Sinking San Juan
2/21/2014 Shelter Bay Marina Fire and Spill Skagit
2/10/2013 Ship Overboard Discharge Spill Mason
7/8/2013 Snohomish River Spill Snohomish
2/28/2007 Songa Hua Elliot Bay Oil Spill King
9/26/2010 Spring Lake Home Heating Oil Spill King
10/24/2007 Squalicum Creek Gasoline Spill Whatcom
2/23/2011 Squalicum Marina Oil Spill Whatcom
3/22/2014 SR-530 Slide Snohomish
2/22/2012 SR-520 Spill King
10/11/2011 St. Elias Barge Grounding Skagit
10/9/2009 Steilacoom Marina Fire Pierce
3/1/2015 Sulphur Creek Oil Spill Yakima
4/15/2016 Sunken F/V Privateer Grounding Grays Harbor
11/1/2007 Sunset Storm Drain Incident Whatcom
2/19/2017 Three Sisters Radio Tower Diesel Spill Pierce
3/18/2011 Transcenden Times Spill Multnomah
2/25/2020 Tug Nova Columbia River sinking Water body
11/14/2011 Tulalip Indian Reservation Ammonia Release Snohomish
11/30/2010 U.S. Oil Diesel Spill Pierce
8/2/2017 U.S. Oil McChord Pipeline Spill Pierce
12/13/2013 Vancouver Tanker Spill Clark
10/14/2011 Waterfront Construction Vessel Sinking King
3/17/2017 Wenatchee Spill – Columbia River Chelan
10/30/2015 White Center Pond Oil Spill King
7/23/2007 Whitley Fire and Petroleum Spill Spokane
12/18/2015 Winlock Warehouse Fire Lewis
2/24/2013 Z.B. Barge Incident Pierce