Nippon Dynawave, Longview

We regulate the air, water, and hazardous waste activities at the Nippon Dynawave Packaging Company pulp and paper mill in Longview. On Sept. 1, 2016, Nippon bought this mill from Weyerhaeuser.

Air quality source separation determination

In 2016 Weyerhaeuser sold its Longview pulp and paper mill to Nippon Dynawave. In 2017, we separated the Air Operating Permit (AOP) into three permits — NORPAC, the Nippon Dynawave pulp and paper mill, and the Weyerhaeuser NR Company Longview lumber mill.

While the permits are separate, these facilities are still considered a single source of air pollution under Title V of the federal Clean Air Act. In April last year, we asked the public for input on the proposed decision that the facilities should be considered three separate major sources for Title V permitting.

A result of the decision would be to transfer air quality regulatory authority for the Weyerhaeuser lumber mill and NORPAC, including the AOPs, to the Southwest Clean Air Agency (SWCAA). SWCAA has started its public comment on those permits. Please visit SWCAAs webpage to review the permits, and provide any comments you may have to SWCAA.

We determined that when SWCAA finalizes and issues its AOPs for the lumber mill and NORPAC, the three facilities will be separate major sources of air pollution (pdf) under Title V. This decision will not impact the existing AOP for Nippon Dynawave.

Facility information

This is a kraft pulp and paper mill and liquid packaging plant.

Permit information

Nippon Dynawave contacts

Company website
Facility phone: 360-425-2150
Location: 3401 Industrial Way, Longview, Wash.