Nippon Dynawave, Longview

We regulate the air, water, and hazardous waste activities at the Nippon Dynawave Packaging Company pulp and paper mill in Longview.

Air quality

Comment period: Jan. 10 - Feb. 3, 2020

We invite you to comment on the minor modification to the Nippon Dynawave pulp and paper mill's Air Operating Permit. Changes to the permit include:

  • Changing (reclassifying) a piece of equipment that creates air pollution from emergency to non-emergency.
  • Adding the requirements of Notice of Construction Order 16197.

A detailed description of changes is found in the proposed permit's support document. No increase in air pollution are allowed by this modification.

Documents are available to review online, at the Longview public library, and Ecology's Lacey office. Please read the comment period notice for more information, such as how to comment.

Published online Jan. 10, 2020

Facility information

This is a kraft pulp and paper mill and liquid packaging plant.

Permit information

Nippon Dynawave contacts

Company website
Facility phone: 360-425-2150
Location: 3401 Industrial Way, Longview, Wash.