Mitigation bank projects

We work in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to certify and regulate wetland mitigation banks in Washington. The map shows where wetland mitigation banks have been approved by Ecology, as well as bank projects undergoing technical review.

Find specific information about each bank. You can use the interactive map below or click on specific links under "Approved banks" or "Banks under review."

Location of wetland mitigation banks in Washington. You can find detailed information for each bank by clicking either the symbols within the map or the links to project-specific pages below. (View the full size ArcGis online map.)

Approved banks

Approved banks are those that have gone through the state certification process and are available for mitigation use. They include:

Banks under review

Banks under review include proposed wetland mitigation banks still undergoing technical review by the interagency review team.They include: